Audax Harfleur

Smith and artificer


Human Artificer 6
LG Medium humanoid
Init +2; Senses Listen +0, Spot +0
Languages Common, Draconic, Giant, Goblin

AC 20, touch 14, flat-footed 18
hp 27 (6 HD)
Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +5
Action Points 13/2d4

Spd 30 ft.
Melee +1 heavy mace +7 (d8+3)
Ranged light crossbow +6 (d8/19-20)
Base Atk +4; Grp +6
Combat Gear 2 scrolls of cure moderate wounds, scroll of magic missile (CL 1st), scroll of obscuring mist, 2 scrolls of protection from evil, 3 scrolls of repair light damage, scroll of silent image, wand of colour spray (2 charges)
Infusions (CL 6th, +6 melee touch, +6 ranged touch, save DC 13 + infusion level)
1st: 4/day, 2nd: 4/day, 3rd: 3/day

Abilities Str 14, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 11, Cha 18
SQ artificer knowledge +9, artisan bonus, craft reserve 150, disable trap, item creation, craft homonculus, metamagic spell trigger, retain essence
Feats Armour Proficiency (light, medium), Brew Potion, Craft Magic Arms and Armour, Craft Wondrous Item, Extraordinary Artisan, Good Devotion, Legendary Artisan, Scribe Scroll, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiencies (all), Skill Focus (Use Magic Device)
Skills Appraise +5, Concentration +4, Craft (armoursmithing) +12, Craft (blacksmith) +12, Craft (weaponsmithing) +12, Disable Device +7, Knowledge (arcana) +9, Knowledge (architecture and engineering) +9, Open Lock +3, Search +5, Spellcraft +11, Use Magic Device +16
Possessions Artisan’s tools, chain shirt, House Deneith papers, large wooden shield, ring of protection +2, scroll of comprehend languages, 3 scrolls of detect magic, 2 scrolls of identify, scroll of speak with animals


Audax Harfleur is a young man of roughly 15 years, apprenticed to be a smith and maintainer of Warforged for the household of the Baron d’Argnac of Karrnath. An apparent prodigy, he has a brave and noble heart and cannot bear to see injustice or suffering when there is something he can do about it. The wickedness of the Baron during the household’s fall led him to refuse to have anything further to do with him, and has taken to travelling with the similarly disgusted Warforged guard Tower whom he once helped maintain.

Audax Harfleur

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