Tifesa d'Deneith

PCs' main contact within House Deneith


Tifesa is the younger sister of the Baron Breven d’Deneith, and one of three deputies to the Baron who used to handle Karrlakton enclave affairs; she has been reassigned to the enclave office in Sharn. She is also Klara’s second cousin, and is somewhat excited at the prospect of Klara becoming changed by Mirov d’Jufet.

She put the heroes together as a team when they were gathered at the Karrlakton House enclave, and assigned them the task of investigating the activities of Lady Ashinana. When meeting again with the group in Sharn, she revealed that members of the ex-d’Argnac estate have been systematically assassinated of late, and is keen to have House Marshals watch over them in case an attempt is made on them too.

She has served with the Guildmarks and is rumoured to be an expert archer.

Dream Casting: Lucy Akhurst

Tifesa d'Deneith

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