Counter and Grim

Brelish warforged ferry stop attendants


Counter and Grim are ferry guards/attendants on the eastern edge of the Skyraker Forest in Breland. They were created in the same batch from the Cannith forges, unusually being produced with almost the same personality upon "birth" and the two would not be separated from each other – perhaps being the first recorded instance of warforged "twins", albeit non-identical in appearance.

Originally they were both assigned as regulars in the Brelish marines during the Last War, and their fortunes in the war waxed and waned often with the high victories and low setbacks that their unit went through. In a skirmish early in their career Grim suffered a near-fatal head wound but recovered from it, although not without a price – he now suffers from occasional bouts of severe depression and like his namesake is mostly sullen and withdrawn. Because of his close relationship with Grim, Counter took a lesson or two from his non-construct comrades and took up a couple of hobbies in an effort to cheer his "brother" during his bad periods – he sings him old sea shanties as best he can, and regales him with tales and gossip of humanoid nobles.

Eventually they were turned out of the corps after the war’s end but found themselves at a loss for what to do with themselves given their newfound freedom. They eventually found employment with the Brelish government as ferry attendants, and shuttle Brelish people and their goods from one side of the Syereb River to the other (Grim on the western/forest side and Counter on the eastern/plains side).

Counter and Grim

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