Bashka Cherkas

Brelish homesteader


Bashka is an elderly woman who was residing at the Cherkas homestead in Breland before it was besieged and razed to the ground by goblinoid tribes. She was taken prisoner along with her granddaughter and brought to the Wolfskull tribal lair, and later joined by many other prisoners including Stephan Sukis. The goblinoid commander, a hobgoblin named Vlack, interrogated them and wanted to know where the “great map” was.

She meets the heroes when she is rescued from captivity by them after they raid the Wolfskull tribal lair. She tells them that the rest of the prisoners are gone and taken to the ruins of Xitaqa, where someone that the goblinoids refer to as “Old Skinny Legs” would get the answers to their questions; Bashka was left behind because it was thought that she would slow them down.

Dream Casting: Kathleen Freeman

Bashka Cherkas

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